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Adopting from Korea - A Parent's Guide to Korean Adoption


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A motivated heart and good information
will help make your adoption journey
just a little easier.

When I first began AdoptKorea, there wasn't a lot of easy-to-find information about adoption in general and adopting from Korea in particular. Today, you can pop just about any title into Amazon and find it. So rather than just provide a laundry list of titles, I've grouped several of my personal recommendations by topic and made them easier to buy below.



  • Land of the Morning Calm: Korean Culture Then and Now, John Stickler -- Handsomely produced picture book about Korean culture and traditions, past and present. An excellent introduction that children 7-12 will really enjoy.
  • Understanding My Child's Korean Origins, Han and Spencer, Children's Home Society of Minnesota - A marvelous guide that will offer tremendous help to new parents seeking information and understanding of their children's cultures and traditions. A must! 

  • Things Korean, O-Young Lee, Translated from the Korean by John Holstein - This is a marvelously written guide to traditional life in Korea that is both beautiful and accessible. Written by a former Korean Minister of Culture, Things Korean presents a survey of native objects from Korea and explains their development, historical significance, and place in everyday Korean life. The photography is stunning and the narrative is informative, with a sly sense of humor. A must for your Korean culture shelf!

  • Facts About Korea, Hollym International Staff - Concise overview of the people, history, culture, customs, and other aspects of Korean life.

  • Hanbok: The Art of Korean Clothing, Sunny Yang - a beautiful coffee table book about the history of Korean dress, its meaning, culture, symbolism, and more. This book is a stunner!

  • The Beauty of Korea, Suh Jai-Sik - A gorgeous photographic journey into the heart of our children's homeland. You can read and reread this lovely volume over and over again as a visual introduction to the people and culture of Korea  for your children and yourselves.

  • An Introduction to Korean Culture, John H. Koo, Andrew C. Nahm - One of the most comprehensive guides to Korean culture, language, politics, folk beliefs, literature, poetry, etc. available.

  • Culture Shock! Korea: A Guide to Customs and Etiquette, Sonja Vegdahl Hur and Ben Seunghwa Hur -- Part of a series of travel books, I found this a fun, breezy and informative read. I learned a lot from this one! Whether you travel to Korea to pick up your child or not, I'd add this to your cultural library.

For more children's books about adoption, see Adopted Kids

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